Windows 10 scam

Please be aware there are several active malicious campaigns attempting to either embezzle funds from people or to fool users into compromising their computers’ security. These campaigns are taking advantage of Microsoft’s offer of free upgrades to Windows 10 for qualifying Windows users. We are strongly recommending everyone to handle any e-mails or pop ups regarding Windows 10 upgrades with a high degree of caution. For information from Microsoft about reserving your free Windows 10 upgrade please see information at the following link:

These malicious campaigns prey on people’s fears and curiosity using several tactics including, but not limited to:

  • Asking the user for money to secure their “free” upgrade
  • Worrying the user that by not upgrading his or her security will be compromised
  • Luring the user to click on malicious links in order to upgrade his or her machine
  • Luring the user to open malicious attachments in order to upgrade his or her machine

Plainly put, Microsoft is not forcing anyone to upgrade to Windows 10. The best source for information about this offer is at the website link above. The decision to upgrade, should you qualify, is purely up to you.