Website Walkthrough: Getting Familiar with the New

A walkthrough of the new Putnam Bank website

At Putnam Bank, we are always trying evolve to meet the ever changing demands of our customers. As we are committed to providing the best banking experience possible, we decided it was time to update our website. Not only were we looking for a new design, but also new functionality and a better user experience for our customers and in the back end of the site.

Since we know change can be scary, especially when it involves your financial institution, we wanted to use our first blog post to walk you through the new website. We’ll be pointing out the main areas of the site to help you get comfortable with the new look and feel.

The Top Info Area

There is a ton of information packed in this area at the top of the page. If we have an alert that everyone should know, it will be in red at the very top of the page. Right below that on the left are the date, weather and text resizing and viewing options for those who need help viewing the website. On the right, the secondary navigation items can be easily accessed on any page of the website. The top info area of the new website

The Main Header

Available on every page of the website, selecting the Putnam Bank logo will take you back to the home page. You can also be taken to any of our social media profiles by selecting the various icon links on the right hand area. We also wanted to make it easy for customers to get a hold of us, so we placed our main number in the header as well. Bonus trick: touch the phone number on your smart phone, and your phone will give you the option to call us. The main header on the home page of the new Putnam Bank website

The Main Navigation

If you want to find out more about our products and services, this is your area. Here’s what kind of information you can find in each section:

  • Personal– checking and savings accounts, deposit account rates, online services, value services, loan programs and our Online Loan Center.
  • Business- business deposit accounts, business online banking, business loans and a few testimonials from some of our business banking customers.
  • Investments- information about our investment and life insurance services.
  • Quick Links- use our financial calculators, reorder checks, learn what to do in the event of a lost/stolen debit card, what to do when traveling abroad, find our routing number, take our survey or fill out any of our online forms.

There is also a powerful website search bar available to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The main navigation bar on the new Putnam Bank website

Online Banking Login

This is part of the rotating marketing message on our home page and is also placed on pages throughout the site for quick and easy access. Access to Online Banking on the home page of the new Putnam Bank website

The Auxiliary Navigation

Shown in a teal green bar and using icons, this visual navigation helps you get to a variety of useful pages quickly and easily. While it is in the middle of the home page, it can be found at the bottom of any other page throughout the website. the auxiliary navigation on the new Putnam Bank website

The Social Feed

Want to stay up on all the latest from Putnam Bank on Facebook and our blog? Our social feed will have our latest posts, so be sure to check them out whenever you come to our home page. The social media feed on the home page of the new Putnam Bank website

We hope this walkthrough has helped you gain a basic understanding of where the most important areas of our new website are. We encourage you to look around the rest of the website to continue getting comfortable with it. If you run into an issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Putnam Bank, member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender