Simple Home Tips to Keep Your Heating Bill Down

Heating your home during the winter can make the energy bill skyrocket.

Heating your home during the winter can make the energy bill skyrocket.

There are plenty of nice and beautiful things about winter: the stillness at night, the way snow falls on a calm day and playing in the snow with your kids. One of the not so nice things is the toll the winter weather takes on your home, particularly your heating bill.

Strong winter winds seem like they can infiltrate every corner of your house, causing your furnace to work overtime and your heating bill to skyrocket.

But there are inexpensive ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating. Putnam Bank has put together some simple tips you can employ to be warmer and save a little money on your heating bill this winter.

Dress Warmer

It is winter, after all. Simply dressing warmer at home means you won’t have to bump up your thermostat. It’s far less expensive to dress warm than use more energy to heat your house.

Program Your Thermostat

You don’t need to heat your home as much while you’re gone during the day. Set your thermostat lower when you won’t be home. If you have a more complex thermostat, you can even reduce the amount of heated air going to empty or unused rooms in your house.

Clean Filters

Cleaning your furnace’s filter helps make heating more efficient. You should also make sure vents are uncovered and clean for the most effective heating.

Seal Openings

Windows and doors are the main culprits, but drafts can get through around recessed lighting, your chimney flue, the attic access door or hatch and gaps between the foundation and the rest of your home.


If you have the money and can find someone who can get them replaced quickly, new energy efficient windows would be your best option. You can also add caulking or window seals to keep the warm air in.

Open Your Curtains When it’s Sunny

This is a naturally efficient way to heat your home using the sun’s rays. Just be sure to close the curtains or drapes as the sun begins to set.

Add Insulation

You may be losing tons of heat through your attic. Most insulation isn’t very expensive when dealing with an average-size attic. Just be sure to wear a mask, gloves and clothes you can get rid of when you’re done.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Simply flip the switch found on most modern fans so that the fan blades turn clockwise. This will help push warmer air closer to the ceiling down into the room.

Give these tips a try. If you have any additional quick fixes to improve home heating, leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

As always, if there’s anything Putnam Bank can do to warm up your financial life this winter, just call or stop by any of our offices.

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