[GUIDE] Curb Your Summer Spending


Aside from the holidays, the summer may be the most expensive time of year. It stays lighter for longer, the weather encourages you to stay outside and kids and grandkids need to be entertained. All of this can cause a rise in your spending.

By no means are we saying you should cut back on the summer fun. You simply need to be conscious of saving money in other areas of your life. Here are a few things you can do to limit your spending to continue having a fun summer.

Get in a Savings Mindset- learn to see savings everywhere. Turn off lights, turn the thermostat up a degree or two, decrease or eliminate your cable subscription and try to do more with less. 

Save at Sales- so you badly need dress clothes for work, and, would you look at that, your favorite store is having 50 percent off sale! You should grab as many things as possible, right? Wrong. Only purchase what you need and make the sale actually worth it so that you’re spending less on what you need.

Be Frugal with Food- did you know Americans waste 40 percent of the food they buy? Before you check out, do an inventory of what’s in the cart and ask, “Do I really need that?” You can also keep track of your total bill on a phone calculator as you go.

Get Back to a Budget- basic advice, but it works. Track your normal spending for a month.  If you are a pen to paper kind of person, get receipts for everything then tally everything up at the end of the month.  Are there places you can cut back? If there are, try to do better next month.

What other expenses can you cut back on? You can try and make a game out of saving if that helps motivate you.

We hope these tips allow you to be more flexible with spending on summer fun. Good luck, and have a great rest of your summer!

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