Your Guide for Summer Date Ideas


One of the best parts about summer is how much more you can do. There are more planned activities, and the longer days and warmer weather allow you to be outside more. However, what is also important is who you spend your time with over the summer.

Going on dates may seem like a juvenile thing to do, but it’s not just for high school kids. Couples of any age can go on dates to try something new or to break up the monotony of the work week. And the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank (or in some cases, pay at all) to have a good time.

Here are a few summer date ideas that won’t set you back an enormous amount of money.

For Lovers of the Outdoors

  • Hit a new trail or park every week. We are lucky to have a lot of great trails and beautiful park areas in our part of Connecticut, so be sure to take advantage of them.
  • Go for a bike ride. Aside from being good exercise, you can also go slow enough to have some time to talk while taking in some great scenery.
  • Plan a picnic. When was the last time you loaded up a cooler and blanket and found an open area to enjoy the outdoors and the company of your loved one? Prepare your favorite simple meal beforehand, pick your spot and head out.

For Those Who Love the Arts

  • Catch some live theater. There are plenty of community playhouses, theaters and outdoor performance areas to see a show if that’s you and your love’s cup of tea.
  • Peruse local art galleries. You can check out any of the local art galleries from talented artists in our area if you love art. You might just find something to complete or change up a room in your home.
  • Take a step back in time by visiting historical museums. Our area is full of great history dating back hundreds of years. Local historical museums are a great way to satisfy you and your spouse’s thirst for knowledge.

For the “Foodies”

  • Try a new recipe. For those who are culinarily inclined, trying a new recipe together in your kitchen can be a romantic evening. Just be sure to have a quick backup just in case you don’t quite master the meal.
  • Hit the farmer’s market. Not only can you find fresh produce, many markets also feature gift items. Pick one out for each other, grab some produce and head home to prepare a wonderfully fresh meal.
  • Try doing dessert only. If there are restaurants you want to try, but don’t want to spend the money on a full meal, go for dessert after having a nice meal at home.

Additional Ideas

  1. Create a scavenger hunt for each other
  2. Weekend road trip
  3. Cooking, art or dance classes
  4. Whatever else you can think of to enjoy with your loved one

The biggest thing is that you enjoy the time spent with your spouse or significant. Keep your eyes open for great events, and don’t be afraid to try anything new.

Here’s to a summer full of fun!

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